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The Friday Find Bohemian Chic Bedroom

23 Sep

Today The Friday Find is all about items to achieve a Bohemian Chic look in
the bedroom. Bedrooms are often a neglected area in the home but, with careful
thought and attention it can be just as warm as the rest of the home. Here are
three of my favorite picks to wake your bedroom up out of the doldrums and infuse it with Bohemian style.

Upcycled Turquoise Candle Table Sconce

The first selection is a Upcycled Turquoise Candle Sconce by Eden Cove Treasures. This holder is made from black metal with a wood base. It has been lovingly upcycled with a beautiful and cool turquoise color. Perfect for adding color to any table in your bedroom or sitting room the light from the candle are sure to add a wonderful glow to any bedroom.

Handmade Twin size Boho Velvet and Satin Throw

The next selection is a handmade item for the bed. The Handmade Twin Size Boho Velvet and Satin Gypsy Throw is made by Bou Belina 2. This handmade throw uses richly textured fabrics like satin and velvet giving this throw rich texture. The colors of jewel tone purple, red, and plush black give this throw a rich Bohemian feel that will turn any bed into an instant retreat.

Lace Curtain Window Drape

The last handmade selection is a Lace Curtain 58” x 48” by Cottage Home Couture. This curtain panel is made from beautiful purple designer lace. Made to order this dreamy purple lace curtain will change the feeling of any bedroom. This touch of rich color with take your bedroom to another place and add instant Bohemian Chic.

So today we have seen some fabulous selections for adding color and Bohemian style from some of our wonderful handmade artisans. Remember Bohemian Chic has no hard rules just adding what makes your room feel good to you. If you are a person who needs some guidelines then remember use rich color, go for texture, and look for interesting shapes. Here’s to going from drab to Bohemian Chic in the bedroom.

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The Friday Find Staying Warm Boho Style

18 Sep

Today’s Friday Find is all about fabulous Bohemian style items to keep you warm. As the weather finally turns cool we start to look in the back of our closet for fashions of seasons past. Well there is certainly no reason that being warm can’t have some boho style too! Here’s a few of my favorite handmade picks.

Handmade Wool Felted Shawl


The first selection is a Handmade Wool Felted Ruby Red Shawl with belt by ProninA. Hand felted from fine Australian merino wool this shawl/wrap is versatile. It is shown model in the photo as a jacket but can be worn wrapped as a scarf. Worn in place of a jacket in the cooler weather this wrap gives the fall wardrobe an injection of color. The freeform style gives every Boho-ista the ultimate control for her look.

Hand Knit Sweater Vest

The next selection is a Hand Knitted Sweater by Irina’s Originals. This sweater has a wonderful textural interest that come from the use of fine European yarn, wool, silk, and rayon. The sweater is fitted with plenty of ease for layering with your outfits. Perfect for adding a dash of personality to your usual jeans and shirt this is a fall must have.

Milk Chocolate Fedora Hat

The last handmade item is a Milk Chocolate Fedora Hat by The Millinery Shop. This fabulous Fedora is made for women. The very vintage style is paired with a two wonderful ribbon bows that make this hat simply irresistible. Aside from being a statement piece with any outfit the great craftsmanship makes this a wardrobe staple for seasons to come.

The chill of fall is upon but, we don’t have to leave style behind as we cover up. As you wrap this season be sure to add some delicious statement pieces to make the cooler days and night not only warm but fabulous!
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To learn more about the author and Boho-fashionista Cicely and her
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Friday Find Make my Boho Home

9 Sep

Today’s Friday Find is all about items for your home to give it that touch of Boho. Yes, I know we tend to think the Boho style extends only to our wardrobe but, you can add the same flavor to your home. Sometimes all you need to bring your décor from drab to fab is just the right home accessory. Here are a few of my favorite picks.

Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

The first handmade item is a Decorative Throw Pillow Cover by Ecarlate Boutique. This Decorative throw pillow cushion cover is made with soft natural burlap front which features a black daffodil screen print. The pillow cover is accented by black
and beige stripe detail. I love this pillow because it is super chic and the neutral color goes well in many interiors. This will make the perfect Boho addition for your favorite seating area.

Abstract Modern Table Lamp

This handmade selection is an Abstract Modern Table Lamp by Wild Lyte. This lamp is a piece of illuminated art. The lampshade was made by hand painting the beautiful colors of the sun into an abstract design. The base is made from wood and hand finished for a warm look. This piece is perfect for adding a touch of the sun to your room. The warm glow from the illuminated shade will cast  beautiful beams of color
on your walls and furnishing adding a dash of Boho to any interior.

Bohemian Coiled Multi-colored Mat

Bohemian Coiled Multi-colored Mat

The last handmade item is a Bohemian Coiled Mat by Yellow Violet. This beautiful Large Bohemian Multicolored Mat is made from random strips of many different fabrics all made from 100% cotton. Each strip is wrapped around cording, coiled and
then sewn. I love the casual elegance and color of this mat. This would be fantastic on your dining room table or coffee table as a colorful interior accent.

So today we have checked out my favorite picks Boho home accessories. Thess selections are all handmade and very beautiful. Sometimes we crave just a bit of change to our homes décor without the price of a full home overhaul. All of this goes to showyou don’t have to buy everything Bohemian to enjoy a bit of spice!

To learn more about the author and Boho-fashionista Cicely and her Boho Romantic creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_prt

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Bohemian Style Hip Bags

18 Jul

As of late sew chic boutique has been thinking small, that is about smaller bags. After seasons of the large bag fashion trend sew chic boutique remembers that the good things come in small packages.

The Hip Bag is a small bag made with mixed materials in a rectangular shape and features a long strap to allow the bag to hang around the hip bag. Made to carry your neccesities and a bit more. It is perfect for those who like small bags.

Vintage Chenille Hip Bag

Vintage Chenille Hip Bag by sew chic boutique

As always sew chic boutique quality construction is key to having not only a beautiful bag  but, one that will last as well. The Hip Bag is completely machine stitched for durability and great looks. This bag is the first of many for Fall 2011 and is available custom order as well through my shop.

Cicely with Patchwork Hip Bag

Cicely with Patchwork Hip Bag

To learn more about the author and Boho-fashionista Cicely and her
creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr

Boho Chic Style Jewelry

27 Jun

Now that we have some summer fashion basics mastered let’s talk about jewelry. Since the Boho-ista style is a fusion of vintage mixed with modern there are a many styles of jewelry available to pull together a Bohemian chic look. The styles of jewelry  are  Ethnic, Romantic, and Vintage. Each one of these jewelry styles are different from each other but can worn with your regular wardrobe and become  a wonderful
part of your jewelry collection.

Let’s start with Ethnic style jewelry for the Bohemian look.
This jewelry has an international vibe with influences from Africa, Indian, American Southwest, and Asia. Ethnic jewelry tends to be very colorful and doesn’t restrict itself by conservative boundaries. Ethnic jewelry also uses natural stones and many times fine metals like silver and gold as well. Items such as chunky rings, wrist cuffs, large earrings, and large necklaces in Ethnic styles wake up the average outfit and give it instant  flavor and flair!

A fabulous choice for a beautiful chunky ring to accessorize
your fingers is the Romantic Rutilated Quartz Ring by M Arleene Hallman is made of sterling silver, quartz, and onyx this is southwest at its best.

Now for a great cuff for your wrist  the Bohemian Chic Rhinestone Friendship Cuff by Sayagdis features shiny coral, pacific opal, and turquoise for a beautiful statement to your outfit.

Now let’s talk about Romantic style jewelry. This jewelry is
inspired by the Renaissance period and Romantic periods which were known for ornate necklaces, earrings, rings, and brooches. Romantic pieces feature details like floral elements, cameos, crystal accents, pearls, and sparkly beads to add instant feminine romance to anything you wear.

A great choice for summer is the Statement Necklace by Blu Kat Design features repurposed jewelry for a stunning floral neckpiece for any

Another great choice is Audrey on the Town by sew chic boutique
features a handmade flower and sparkly Lucite beads for a romantic addition to your outfit.

Finally we have Vintage Jewelry. Vintage jewelry is defined
as a piece of jewelry dating over 20 years. This would mean finding jewelry dating from 1991 and older would to be considered true vintage. For the Boho-ista I would go back into the 1970’s and older for a look that stays true to the its original roots from the era of 60’s and 70’s fashion. Remember vintage jewelry can break all the rules and be romantic, bohemian, hippy, disco, urban, or anything in between the key is uniqueness.

A stunning geometric earring and necklace piece is the Artist Series Eisenberg Enamel Pendant Necklace & Earrings available at Embracing Yesterday is bold and chunky adding 1970’s substance to any look.

A wonderful chunky pair of earring 1980’s available at Riff Raff Gentry are embossed silver circles linked together for a long pair of earrings.

My friend Tammy a fabulous Boho-ista.

Whether you’re a full-fledged Boho-ista like my great friend
Tammy here or you just want to add a bit of Boho style to your everyday look the Ethnic, Romantic, or Vintage style jewelry is guaranteed to give you the Boho flavor your looking for!



To learn more about the author and Boho-fashionista Cicely and hercreations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr

Summertime Style for the Boho Look

3 Jun

So what is a Boho-ista anyway?  A Boho-ista is a Bohemian Fashionista which is a style that is a fusion of 1970’s hippy, ethnic fashion pieces, and eclectic vintage clothing all with chic styling. The Boho-ista is a free-spirited dresser who defines fashion by her own rules which is wear what makes her feel fabulous! There are a few essential pieces the Boho-ista should have in her closet, but anyone can have these pieces or something similar and still get the look.

1. A Long Vintage 70’s dress-

A flowing long vintage dress is staple piece for the
boho-ista. It can be styled up for a night on the town with a pair of heels or
made casual with a flat sandal.  The
Mexican style dresses from the 1970’s have the feel of today’s maxi-dress but,
the beautiful decorative details that give it the boho-ista edge. The dress
shown is a 1970’s Mexican halter dress in cream with filigree work on the
stomach area. This dress is a wonderful example of the feminine feeling the
boho-ista style embodies. The dress shown here is available in one of my
favorite Etsy shops vdingy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/71305106/super-romantic-gauzy-gypsy-hem-bohemian

2.  A Chunky Leather High-heel Sandal-

 A pair of chunky leather sandals is another
staple for the boho-ista. These shoes can go with a pair of    shorts, a dress, or  your favorite jeans. The 1970’s was famous for having fabulous chunky footwear  with wooden soles. These shoes can be a stiletto heel at over 4” in heel height
or they can be much lower for comfort. The shoe shown here is a chunky heel in  a neutral tan that mimics styling of yesteryear. The leather straps are thick and made for comfort. This shoe is Libby made by Fossil and available at: http://www.onlineshoes.com/womens-fossil-libby-open-toe-sandal-medium-brown-p_id221319
3. A Vintage Inspired handbag-

An original not off the rack bag is a great
accessory staple in the boho-ista closet.The reason why we aren’t buying off the
rack is because it shouldn’t look just like everyone else’s bag it need to
stand out. In the 1970’s bags were big, funky, earthy and had fabulous style to
them. The bag shown is called the Jodi Hobo Bag made by sew chic boutique it
take vintage fabric and mixes it up with leather sure to look great with a
feminine ensemble. It is available at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/74737980/jodi-hobo-bag-vintage-chenille-and-brown

So there you have it 3 staples for the Boho-ista’s summer
wardrobe a long vintage 1970’s dress, a pair of Chunky leather sandals, and a vintage
inspired handbag. You don’t have to be a Boho-ista to enjoy wearing these
pieces, but by grabbing one of the staples you on your way!

To learn more about the author and Boho-fashionista Cicely and her
creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr