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Bejeweled Napkin Rings Tutorial

21 Sep

Today’s tutorial is part 2 of a 2 part series of crafts for a Boho-chic Style Table. Bejeweled Napkin Rings are a perfect pair to the Boho-Chic Cloth Napkins. These Bejeweled Napkin Rings are like little bracelets for your napkins. Store bought napkin rings can run at least $3 a piece. You can purchase beads on sale to make these little gems for your table. Think out of the box and get unconventional looking beads for your Bejeweled Napkin Rings for a Bohemian-chic look!

Bejeweled Napkin Rings Instructions: EASY

Makes 4 Bejeweled Napkins (approximately 2” around) or 5 cm

You will need:

1 roll of Bead & Jewelry Cord in .5 mm (clear color)

Clear urethane non-foaming glue (I used the brand Liquid Fusion)

24 beads (10mm or larger) of your choice


1. Gather all of your materials. (Fig 1.)

2. Select 8 beads to make one napkin ring( Fig 2.)

3. Lay out the desired design of your beads by placing in the order you will put them on the cord (Fig. 3)

4. Cut the cord 1 ½ times the length of the beads you laid out.

5. String the beads onto the cord (put cord through the holes in bead) in the order you laid out. (Fig. 4)

6. Tie beads into a ring and secure with a double knot. (Fig. 5)

7. Apply a small bead of glue to the knot. (Fig. 6)

8. Allow the glue to dry completely.

9. Trim away any excess cord.

10. Repeat Steps 1 – 9 until you have completed all the napkin rings.

11. When you have finished your Bejeweled Napkin Rings, put them around your with the knot facing toward the back of the napkin. (Fig. 7)

Care for your Bejeweled Napkin Ring by wiping your rings with a damp cloth. Allow to air dry and put them away carefully until you are ready to use them again.

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