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Peacock Feather Earring Tutorial

28 Sep

Want to score today’s hottest trend feather earrings on a budget? Make them yourself with this Peacock Feather Earrings Tutorial. These earrings are Bohemian Chic and are inspired by the 1970s. You can purchase all the supplies to make your earrings at your local craft store. Feeling inspired use whatever kind of feathers you like to make this project really unique!

Peacock Feather
Earrings Instructions:  Easy BUT requires
some patience

Makes 1 Peacock
Feather Earring (approximately 5 ½ ” long) or 15 cm

You will need:

1 Peacock Feather

1 French Hook for Earrings

4 beads (3 mm or smaller) of your color choice

2 crimp beads

26 Gauge Wire

Small Jewelry Pliers



  1. Gather all of your materials. (Fig 1.)
  2. Take the peacock feather and strip the feather
    off to up above the spots in the feather ( Fig 2.)
  3. Trim the top of the striped feather to 1 ¼” (3.5
    cm) (above the colored spots (Fig. 3)
  4. Cut a piece of wire to 1 ½” (4 cm) in length.
  5. Put a small loop in the end of the wire(Fig. 4)
  6. Insert stripped end of the feather through loop
    and gently wrap around feather once. (Fig. 5)
  7. Slide one crimp bead over wire and feather. (Fig.
  8. Flatten crimp bead with pliers to permanently
  9. Slide 4 beads over wire and feather (Fig. 7).
  10. Slide the last crimp bead on (Fig. 8).
  11. Bend wire and slide French hook onto the wire.
    (Fig. 9)
  12. Trim wire slightly.
  13. Then take end of wire and feed through the top
    crimp bead and green beads.
  14. Flatten top crimp bead and lightly shape loop
    (Fig. 10).
  15. Enjoy your earring or repeat steps 2 -14 to make
    into a pair.These tutorials are for personal use only and not for commercial use, sale, or distribution. To learn more about the author,  Boho-ista, and owner of sew chic boutique
    Cicely and see her creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr

The Friday Find Pieces that Transition to Fall

15 Jul

Friday is here witha few more hot finds from handmade artists. This week after searching high and low 3 unique and  cool finds stood out.  These pieces are not only beautiful for this summer but, will stand the test of time by transitioning into the fall season as well.

Beautiful Long Natural Feather Earrings

Beautiful Long Natural Feather Earrings


  • The first find are these fun Beautiful Long Natural Feather Earrings by Wild Spirits. These earring are long, colorful, and are just plain hot! They are perfect for summers steamy days and transition well into the fall wardrobe with a punch of color and organic materials great to wear with anything. These French hook earring feature colorful parrot and peacock feathers. You could pair these earring with a great sleeveless shirt and for those with long hair pull it back so you can show these gorgeous feathers off.
Luxury Crochet Bolero for Weddings

Luxury Crochet Bolero for Weddings

  • I know your thinking crochet, really? Crochet is classic and is Romantic Boho Chic at it’s best. This Luxury Crochet Bolero by Elfin House is beautifully made from cotton/viscose yarn. This shrug features large open stitches that allow you to stay cool while looking fabulous during the summer. This piece can also easily become a year round staple piece in your wardrobe by pairing this shrug with a long sleeve collarless shirt or sweater in the colder months.
70s Cream Patchwork Lace Up Dress

70s Cream Patchwork Lace Up Dress

  • The last Friday find is a vintage since sew chic boutique just loves vintage! This fabulous find is a vintage 1970s Cream Patchwork Lace up Dress available at Dolly Rocker Vintage shop. This dress is a size medium and features an high empire waist, patch work center, a lace-up front, and gorgeous red rick-rack for accents. This dress has so much color and is maxi-dress length as well keeping you on trend while wearing classic vintage. This is a fantastic summer dress but, it will also transition well for fall with a long sleeve bolero sweater and a pair of fall boots.

So this Friday we have something old and new. There is something for every Boho-ista and for those looking to add some Boho flavor to their wardrobe!

The author Cicely is a vintage clothing addict and Boho-ista. To learn more about here and Bohemian Romantic Chic creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr.


The Friday Find Boho Accessories

8 Jul

It’s Friday and it’s time for some Bohemian finds for the week. This week at sew chic boutique we are loving everything from jewels to accessories for layering with your favorite pieces.

Tea Party by Annalils Moon

This beautiful necklace is Romantic Boho at it’s the Tea Party Necklace by Annalils Moon. It features soft pink rose quartz rounds and semi-precious Amazonite with its soft blue color. I would wear this with everything from a  summer maxi-dress to a pair of jeans.

The Silk Road Belt by Gypsy Intent

The next find is The Silk Road Belt by Gypsy Intent this is Ethnic Boho style made beautifully.  It is features beautiful silk in a wonderful cream color. This belt can be worn as an Obi belt as well. Paired with a sun dress or a pair of shorts you have Boho style to spare!

Reversible , upcycled HEADBAND by Zasra

My last Friday find is this Reversible Headband by Zasra. Made of re-purposed materials this reversible headband gives instant Boho style to any outfit. I love headbands for a quick hairdo change and even more for bad hair days!

So there it is three fabulously Bohemian finds to add Boho flavor to your closet!

Boho Chic Style Jewelry

27 Jun

Now that we have some summer fashion basics mastered let’s talk about jewelry. Since the Boho-ista style is a fusion of vintage mixed with modern there are a many styles of jewelry available to pull together a Bohemian chic look. The styles of jewelry  are  Ethnic, Romantic, and Vintage. Each one of these jewelry styles are different from each other but can worn with your regular wardrobe and become  a wonderful
part of your jewelry collection.

Let’s start with Ethnic style jewelry for the Bohemian look.
This jewelry has an international vibe with influences from Africa, Indian, American Southwest, and Asia. Ethnic jewelry tends to be very colorful and doesn’t restrict itself by conservative boundaries. Ethnic jewelry also uses natural stones and many times fine metals like silver and gold as well. Items such as chunky rings, wrist cuffs, large earrings, and large necklaces in Ethnic styles wake up the average outfit and give it instant  flavor and flair!

A fabulous choice for a beautiful chunky ring to accessorize
your fingers is the Romantic Rutilated Quartz Ring by M Arleene Hallman is made of sterling silver, quartz, and onyx this is southwest at its best.

Now for a great cuff for your wrist  the Bohemian Chic Rhinestone Friendship Cuff by Sayagdis features shiny coral, pacific opal, and turquoise for a beautiful statement to your outfit.

Now let’s talk about Romantic style jewelry. This jewelry is
inspired by the Renaissance period and Romantic periods which were known for ornate necklaces, earrings, rings, and brooches. Romantic pieces feature details like floral elements, cameos, crystal accents, pearls, and sparkly beads to add instant feminine romance to anything you wear.

A great choice for summer is the Statement Necklace by Blu Kat Design features repurposed jewelry for a stunning floral neckpiece for any

Another great choice is Audrey on the Town by sew chic boutique
features a handmade flower and sparkly Lucite beads for a romantic addition to your outfit.

Finally we have Vintage Jewelry. Vintage jewelry is defined
as a piece of jewelry dating over 20 years. This would mean finding jewelry dating from 1991 and older would to be considered true vintage. For the Boho-ista I would go back into the 1970’s and older for a look that stays true to the its original roots from the era of 60’s and 70’s fashion. Remember vintage jewelry can break all the rules and be romantic, bohemian, hippy, disco, urban, or anything in between the key is uniqueness.

A stunning geometric earring and necklace piece is the Artist Series Eisenberg Enamel Pendant Necklace & Earrings available at Embracing Yesterday is bold and chunky adding 1970’s substance to any look.

A wonderful chunky pair of earring 1980’s available at Riff Raff Gentry are embossed silver circles linked together for a long pair of earrings.

My friend Tammy a fabulous Boho-ista.

Whether you’re a full-fledged Boho-ista like my great friend
Tammy here or you just want to add a bit of Boho style to your everyday look the Ethnic, Romantic, or Vintage style jewelry is guaranteed to give you the Boho flavor your looking for!



To learn more about the author and Boho-fashionista Cicely and hercreations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr