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Flowers for the Boho-fashionista

24 May

I think every Boho-Fashionista should have some romantic flower pins in her wardrobe. You can wear them on you hats, bags, sweaters, dresses, tank tops and even t-shirts!
Many are available to buy in the store at places like Charlotte Russe or any other accessory place. It is fun and inexpensive to make your own. I want to share some great tutorials to make your own.

Have fun making or buying your flower and get your
boho-fashion looks pretty and so bohemian chic!

Here are links to some fabulous tutorial for handmade flowers:
Felt Dahlia Flower: http://news.holidash.com//2010/04/23/mothers-day-corsage/
Chiffon embellished flower (my fave!):
Crocheted Flowers: http://www.measuredbytheheart.com/2011/03/spring-is-in-air.html 

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