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The Friday Find DIY Christmas Presents

8 Dec

 Today The Friday Find is all about DIY Christmas Presents. This is the time of year when everyone rushes out to buy the perfect present for those they care about. Many times we forget the way to the perfect present is often right in our own hands. That is when we take the time to make the gifts ourselves. In these days of tight budgets a little imagination can go a long way to make something special for those who matter the most. There are so many great projects to choose from but, today I will limit it to three easy projects you can do yourself.

Mary Jane Crochet PDF Pattern

The first DIY handmade pick is a crochet pattern for Mary Jane Crochet Slippers by Accessorise. The simple stitches make this project a great for beginners and beyond. Since this slipper is styled with a cute little strap and a chic ankle flower it makes simply irresistible and is sure to be loved by the recipient! This pattern is available in PDF form and is the perfect little handmade project to make in your spare time.

No Sew Clutch Bag Kit

The next DIY handmade pick is for a DIY New Sew Clutch Kit by sew chic boutique. This wonderful little clutch kit allows you to customize your clutch by choosing a fabric of your choice to match the personality and style of the person it’s being made for. With no sewing skills required and step by step picture instructions you can make this little clutch in less than an hour and have the perfect handmade present.

Sashiko Embroidery Kit: DIY Coasters

The last DIY handmade pick is for a DIY Kit for a set of 4 Sashiko Embroidered Coasters by Sake Puppets. These wonderful coasters are chic, fashionable, and simple! This wonderful little kit includes patterns, illustrated instructions, and fabric to make doing this project  breeze. In just a little while you’ll have the perfect gift for the home of a friend or co-worker who is sure to love these stylish coasters!

Christmas is a time for giving the gift of our love, our time, and our thanks. Take time to think out of the box and consider creating something handmade. Not only will making something handmade save you money but, you’ll be making special memories for the person you choose to give your gift to. Remember creating a handmade present allows you to make something custom but, it also allows you the chance to be the artist as well!

To learn more about the author,  Boho-ista, and owner of sew chic boutique Cicely and see her creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr

The Friday Find DIY Boho Crochet and Knits

12 Nov

Today’s Friday Find is all about being crafty and making your own Bohemian Chic crochet or knit items. Normally every Friday it’s all
about handmade things. Now it’s your turn to roll up your sleeves and get your craft on. There are so many great things to make but today I have chosen just a few handmade patterns to get you started.

Bennington Cowl Neck Caplet Crochet Pattern

The first handmade pattern is a Bennington Cowl Neck Caplet Crochet Pattern by Shelby 1998. Basic knowledge of a few crochet stitches is necessary in order to create this Boho Caplet. There are variations of the finished edge available to make it truly yours. This is Boho at is best making it a must try pattern to make for yourself or to give.

Medusa Loop Scarf Knitting Pattern

The next handmade pattern is a Medusa Loop Scarf Knitting Pattern by Ruby Submarine. This lovely loopy creation is worked in a round so
basic knowledge of knitting is needed. This creation is the perfect combination of cowl meets scarf making it simply wonderful.

Vintage Boho Crochet Dress Pattern

My last selection is a handmade pattern for a Vintage Boho Crochet Dress Pattern by Granny Takes a Trip. This dress takes a trip to the past with long sleeves and Granny square finishes. Suitable for beginners this pattern is a great option for finally getting the coveted Crochet Dress in your closet.

Today is dedicated to taking the time to make your own Bohemian style items. By making it yourself you get a custom piece that is exact color and fit you desire. Think of the savings you’ll have or you just may start crafting yourself. Just remember the Boho look is all about personal
expression and creativity. So come on give one of these projects or something else a try to get your craft on Boho Style!

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To learn more about the author,  Boho-ista, and owner of sew chic boutique Cicely and see her creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr

Peacock Feather Earring Tutorial

28 Sep

Want to score today’s hottest trend feather earrings on a budget? Make them yourself with this Peacock Feather Earrings Tutorial. These earrings are Bohemian Chic and are inspired by the 1970s. You can purchase all the supplies to make your earrings at your local craft store. Feeling inspired use whatever kind of feathers you like to make this project really unique!

Peacock Feather
Earrings Instructions:  Easy BUT requires
some patience

Makes 1 Peacock
Feather Earring (approximately 5 ½ ” long) or 15 cm

You will need:

1 Peacock Feather

1 French Hook for Earrings

4 beads (3 mm or smaller) of your color choice

2 crimp beads

26 Gauge Wire

Small Jewelry Pliers



  1. Gather all of your materials. (Fig 1.)
  2. Take the peacock feather and strip the feather
    off to up above the spots in the feather ( Fig 2.)
  3. Trim the top of the striped feather to 1 ¼” (3.5
    cm) (above the colored spots (Fig. 3)
  4. Cut a piece of wire to 1 ½” (4 cm) in length.
  5. Put a small loop in the end of the wire(Fig. 4)
  6. Insert stripped end of the feather through loop
    and gently wrap around feather once. (Fig. 5)
  7. Slide one crimp bead over wire and feather. (Fig.
  8. Flatten crimp bead with pliers to permanently
  9. Slide 4 beads over wire and feather (Fig. 7).
  10. Slide the last crimp bead on (Fig. 8).
  11. Bend wire and slide French hook onto the wire.
    (Fig. 9)
  12. Trim wire slightly.
  13. Then take end of wire and feed through the top
    crimp bead and green beads.
  14. Flatten top crimp bead and lightly shape loop
    (Fig. 10).
  15. Enjoy your earring or repeat steps 2 -14 to make
    into a pair.These tutorials are for personal use only and not for commercial use, sale, or distribution. To learn more about the author,  Boho-ista, and owner of sew chic boutique
    Cicely and see her creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr

Bejeweled Napkin Rings Tutorial

21 Sep

Today’s tutorial is part 2 of a 2 part series of crafts for a Boho-chic Style Table. Bejeweled Napkin Rings are a perfect pair to the Boho-Chic Cloth Napkins. These Bejeweled Napkin Rings are like little bracelets for your napkins. Store bought napkin rings can run at least $3 a piece. You can purchase beads on sale to make these little gems for your table. Think out of the box and get unconventional looking beads for your Bejeweled Napkin Rings for a Bohemian-chic look!

Bejeweled Napkin Rings Instructions: EASY

Makes 4 Bejeweled Napkins (approximately 2” around) or 5 cm

You will need:

1 roll of Bead & Jewelry Cord in .5 mm (clear color)

Clear urethane non-foaming glue (I used the brand Liquid Fusion)

24 beads (10mm or larger) of your choice


1. Gather all of your materials. (Fig 1.)

2. Select 8 beads to make one napkin ring( Fig 2.)

3. Lay out the desired design of your beads by placing in the order you will put them on the cord (Fig. 3)

4. Cut the cord 1 ½ times the length of the beads you laid out.

5. String the beads onto the cord (put cord through the holes in bead) in the order you laid out. (Fig. 4)

6. Tie beads into a ring and secure with a double knot. (Fig. 5)

7. Apply a small bead of glue to the knot. (Fig. 6)

8. Allow the glue to dry completely.

9. Trim away any excess cord.

10. Repeat Steps 1 – 9 until you have completed all the napkin rings.

11. When you have finished your Bejeweled Napkin Rings, put them around your with the knot facing toward the back of the napkin. (Fig. 7)

Care for your Bejeweled Napkin Ring by wiping your rings with a damp cloth. Allow to air dry and put them away carefully until you are ready to use them again.

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These tutorials are for personal use only and not for commercial use, sale, or distribution.

To learn more about the author,  Boho-ista, and owner of sew chic boutique
Cicely and see her creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr

DIY Boho-chic Cloth Napkins

14 Sep

Today’s tutorial is part of a 2 part series of crafts for a Boho-chic Style Table. We are starting off with Boho-Chic Cloth Napkins because it’s a simple way to add
color and beauty to your dining table. At home my family uses them at almost
every meal. Using cloth napkins makes meal time feel a bit more special, almost
like eating out!  These cloth napkins are also a money saver because you will reduce your paper napkin use by using these at meal times instead of paper. You can purchase budget upholstery fabric for $4 a yard or less at your local fabric store making these napkins a steal at a buck a piece. Be sure to choose a funky and fun fabric to bring a Boho-chic touch to your dining table!

Cloth Napkin Instructions:
Sewing Level EASY

Makes 4 Napkins (approximately
12” x 13”) or 33 cm x 34 cm

You will need:

½ yard of upholstery fabric (most are 55” wide)

Matching thread


Regular Sewing machine

1 Heavy Duty sewing needle size 110/18 (for denim,
upholstery fabric, and topstitching)

**Tip: Using upholstery fabric insures the napkins
will resist stains and be wrinkle free after you wash them.**


  1. Fold you fabric in half making sure the edges
    are even.
  2. Cut of selvage from your fabric. This is the white
    portion on the edge with color swatch circles and name of fabric. ( Fig 1.)
  3. Next cut the fabric into 4 equal pieces of a
    size of your choice or (use my measurement and make each square that measure 13” x 14”.) (Fig. 2)
  4. Thread your sewing machine with matching thread and make sure you are using a heavy duty needle for upholstery fabric. (I used  black so you can see the stitches)
  5. Turn fabric over so the back of the fabric is  facing up.
  6. Starting with two sides that are on opposite sides of each other fold over the edges ¼” on each side and press with a steam iron. (Fig. 3)
  7. On those same sides fold over the edges ¼”again, press with a steam iron and pin in place. (Fig 4).
  8. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining sides. (Fig.5)
  9. Use a straight stitch with the length set on 5 and sew around all the edges. (Fig.6)
  10. Trim away any hanging thread.
  11. Iron one more time and they are ready for the table now. (Fig. 7)

Care for your napkins by washing them in the laundry with your colored clothing. Wash and dry on your normal setting and put them away until you are ready to use them again.

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These tutorials are for personal use only and not for commercial use, sale, or distribution.

To learn more about the author,  Boho-ista, and owner of sew chic boutique
Cicely and see her creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr

Get Your Craft on with a new DIY Kit

30 May
Mini Clutch Purse Kit

Mini Clutch Purse Kit

What’s the thrill in making something handmade yourself? A sense of accomplishment, relaxation, or having something custom-made by you. Whatever the reason is it gives us a creative outlet. You are able to spend time doing something artistic and have a product in the end for your efforts.  I thought to myself how can I help people get their craft on? I am a seamstress and love to make clothing, hand bag,s and accessories. However, not everyone can sew their own bags. So in order to help people get their craft on sew chic boutique style there is a new kit just for you!

In the shop is a brand new Make it Yourself – DIY – Mini Clutch Purse kit. In this kit is a purse frame, shell, and tutorial for making a clutch just like the ones in the shop. You can provide your own fabric or purchase exclusive fabric designed by sew chic boutique. Best of all it’s a no sew project! If you can cut, glue, and fold then you can get your craft on like sew chic boutique.

I hope you’ll try some of the tutorials or a kit for fun. Most importantly get your craft on and give handmade a try for yourself! You just might like it!

Finding Inspiration

20 May

Finding inspiration to create can be hard sometimes. You ask yourself where do I look? Maybe your busy all day and work at inside at your desk. So how do I get inspired? Simple use an inspiration board. This is nothing more than a simple collage on a board made up of images or small items glued to a board. You can put anything on your board. I like to put images from magazine, pictures I snap with my phone throughout the day, or anything I may like. So what if your completely stuck for any ideas? Then you need inspiration from other sources.

When I need inspiration from somewhere else I go online. There is great inspiration from places like Design Seeds. Design Seeds uses a picture is used as inspiration then creates a beautiful color pallet pulled out of colors from the picture (http://www.designseeds.com/). Another place for inspiration is Pinterest. You can create your own collage board and/or see other users boards  (www.pinterest.com). You can see one of my boards here: Boho Chic and http://pinterest.com/cicelyj/handmade-love/.

Getting inspired doesn’t have to be hard work. Just find something that inspires you and let the creativity flow.