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The Friday Find DIY Christmas Presents

8 Dec

 Today The Friday Find is all about DIY Christmas Presents. This is the time of year when everyone rushes out to buy the perfect present for those they care about. Many times we forget the way to the perfect present is often right in our own hands. That is when we take the time to make the gifts ourselves. In these days of tight budgets a little imagination can go a long way to make something special for those who matter the most. There are so many great projects to choose from but, today I will limit it to three easy projects you can do yourself.

Mary Jane Crochet PDF Pattern

The first DIY handmade pick is a crochet pattern for Mary Jane Crochet Slippers by Accessorise. The simple stitches make this project a great for beginners and beyond. Since this slipper is styled with a cute little strap and a chic ankle flower it makes simply irresistible and is sure to be loved by the recipient! This pattern is available in PDF form and is the perfect little handmade project to make in your spare time.

No Sew Clutch Bag Kit

The next DIY handmade pick is for a DIY New Sew Clutch Kit by sew chic boutique. This wonderful little clutch kit allows you to customize your clutch by choosing a fabric of your choice to match the personality and style of the person it’s being made for. With no sewing skills required and step by step picture instructions you can make this little clutch in less than an hour and have the perfect handmade present.

Sashiko Embroidery Kit: DIY Coasters

The last DIY handmade pick is for a DIY Kit for a set of 4 Sashiko Embroidered Coasters by Sake Puppets. These wonderful coasters are chic, fashionable, and simple! This wonderful little kit includes patterns, illustrated instructions, and fabric to make doing this project  breeze. In just a little while you’ll have the perfect gift for the home of a friend or co-worker who is sure to love these stylish coasters!

Christmas is a time for giving the gift of our love, our time, and our thanks. Take time to think out of the box and consider creating something handmade. Not only will making something handmade save you money but, you’ll be making special memories for the person you choose to give your gift to. Remember creating a handmade present allows you to make something custom but, it also allows you the chance to be the artist as well!

To learn more about the author,  Boho-ista, and owner of sew chic boutique Cicely and see her creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr

Zipper Clutch Bags by sew chic boutique

10 Nov

Zipper Clutch by sew chic boutique

They say good things come in small packages. This is definitely the case with sew chic boutique’s new Zipper Clutch Bag! Made for when a big bag is just too much to carry this is a perfect carry all for your identification, keys, lipstick, and more. Coming in a small size measuring only 7″ wide X 5″ tall (18 cm wide X 13 cm tall) it is made for easy carrying. This Zipper Clutch features a split key ring and belt loop to hook wherever you need it. Made with top quality linen fabric this little Zipper Clutch is made ready for day or night!

Also since you come to sew chic boutique when being unique is not an option the fabric is exclusive to sew chic boutique. The linen fabric used has been designed and digitally printed on the fabric. Each design in either hand drawn or computer designed by Cicely. So for under $15 (including shipping in the United States) you have the perfect gift for yourself or those special someone’s in your life!

Zipper Clutch by sew chic boutique




The Friday Find Top 10 Shops for Handmade Christmas Gifts

22 Oct

Even as the leaves change color today The Friday Find is all about handmade presents for Christmas. Speaking as a person who shops handmade year round there is no better way to give something special and unique than shopping handmade. I own many pieces of clothing, jewelry, and more thanks to the creativity of many handmade artists. It was tough to pick only 10 shops because there are some many wonderful handmade items, but here they are in no particular order.

CiCe Bag in Brown Lace Flower Oilcloth

1. sew chic boutique- Bohemian Chic style bags and accessories.

Bracelet The Ones that Matter don't judge and the ones who judge don't matter

2. Mano y Metal Mano y Metal:Hand-Crafted Jewelry w/ an Industrial Edge

Zig-Zag Pleated Chunky Neckwarmer

3. Elfin House -Hand made Knitwear with elegant, feminine, chic, and vintage details

Allie - Brown One-of-a-Kind Newsboy/Military Style Hat

4.Hanu Chic – Chic and Unique hats and embellishments


Decorative Throw Pillow with Yellow and Cream Patch with Asian Gate Print

5. Ecarlate Boutique- Fabulous pillows, tea towels and other interesting items for the home.

Woodstock - Round Coiled Bohemian Basket

6. Yellow Violet -Fun and funky handcrafted items for you and your home

Hand Felted super soft white-Scarf /Shawl

7. Pronin A -Eco friendly handmade wool felted, knitted and crocheted accessories


Sheba Beaded Embroidered Necklace

8. Stone and Bone  -One of a Kind Copper Wrap Rustic Jewelry

Vintage Folk Art Patchwork Vest

9. Laiet- For the Free Spirit


My Golden Pride Duo - peacock feather original painting

10. Lydia Gee -Glamorous paintings inspired by Swarovski® crystals

So here they are the top 10 shop for handmade gifts for this holiday. There is a little something for everyone on your list here. Each artist offers unique creativity and quality craftsmanship. They use a simple method of construction called each piece made by hand. It is this reason that makes each piece so very special. So make this Christmas a departure from the usual and shop handmade!

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