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The Friday Find Boho-licous Denim

26 Aug

Altered Denim Patchwork Corset

The first selection is a sexy  Altered Denim Patchwork Corset by Laiet. This top has amazing craftsmanship  hand dyed fabric, embroidery, and crochet. This top would look fabulous under a blazer, worn with  a pair of jeans, and some stilettos  to complete the look. The detail on this corset makes it a must have in your closet!

Jodi Hobo Bag with Denim Fringe

The second denim selection is The Jodi Hobo Bag with fringed denim by sew chic boutique. The Jodi Hobo Bag is made with a vintage cream floral tufted Chenille from the early 1950’s The straps are made of tan suede. The bottom is made from  jean fabric that was hand fringed prior to sewing. Inspired by cut off jean shorts this bag is Bohemian with a 1970s twist to make finish off any outfit!

Blue News Boy Military Hat

The last hand made item in our denim spotlight is Blue News Boy Military Hat by Hanu Chic. The hat is made from blue denim patchwork , eyelet trim, and finished off with a handmade flower this hat brings back 1960s inspiration. This hat is so feminine and boho it is perfect for those upcoming chilly fall nights. Worn with your coat or jacket this hat is sure to add that touch of Boho your looking for!

So it’s all about denim and the fabulous and fashionable creations you can wear. The great thing about denim is no matter what the season it’s always in fashion. Be sure to add a bit of denim Boho flavor to your wardrobe. Most importantly have fun because if you’re not having fun with fashion you’re not making your inner Boho-fashionista happy!

To learn more about the author and Boho-fashionista Cicely and her creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_prt

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Summertime Style for the Boho Look

3 Jun

So what is a Boho-ista anyway?  A Boho-ista is a Bohemian Fashionista which is a style that is a fusion of 1970’s hippy, ethnic fashion pieces, and eclectic vintage clothing all with chic styling. The Boho-ista is a free-spirited dresser who defines fashion by her own rules which is wear what makes her feel fabulous! There are a few essential pieces the Boho-ista should have in her closet, but anyone can have these pieces or something similar and still get the look.

1. A Long Vintage 70’s dress-

A flowing long vintage dress is staple piece for the
boho-ista. It can be styled up for a night on the town with a pair of heels or
made casual with a flat sandal.  The
Mexican style dresses from the 1970’s have the feel of today’s maxi-dress but,
the beautiful decorative details that give it the boho-ista edge. The dress
shown is a 1970’s Mexican halter dress in cream with filigree work on the
stomach area. This dress is a wonderful example of the feminine feeling the
boho-ista style embodies. The dress shown here is available in one of my
favorite Etsy shops vdingy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/71305106/super-romantic-gauzy-gypsy-hem-bohemian

2.  A Chunky Leather High-heel Sandal-

 A pair of chunky leather sandals is another
staple for the boho-ista. These shoes can go with a pair of    shorts, a dress, or  your favorite jeans. The 1970’s was famous for having fabulous chunky footwear  with wooden soles. These shoes can be a stiletto heel at over 4” in heel height
or they can be much lower for comfort. The shoe shown here is a chunky heel in  a neutral tan that mimics styling of yesteryear. The leather straps are thick and made for comfort. This shoe is Libby made by Fossil and available at: http://www.onlineshoes.com/womens-fossil-libby-open-toe-sandal-medium-brown-p_id221319
3. A Vintage Inspired handbag-

An original not off the rack bag is a great
accessory staple in the boho-ista closet.The reason why we aren’t buying off the
rack is because it shouldn’t look just like everyone else’s bag it need to
stand out. In the 1970’s bags were big, funky, earthy and had fabulous style to
them. The bag shown is called the Jodi Hobo Bag made by sew chic boutique it
take vintage fabric and mixes it up with leather sure to look great with a
feminine ensemble. It is available at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/74737980/jodi-hobo-bag-vintage-chenille-and-brown

So there you have it 3 staples for the Boho-ista’s summer
wardrobe a long vintage 1970’s dress, a pair of Chunky leather sandals, and a vintage
inspired handbag. You don’t have to be a Boho-ista to enjoy wearing these
pieces, but by grabbing one of the staples you on your way!

To learn more about the author and Boho-fashionista Cicely and her
creations visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/sewchicboutique?ref=si_pr