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Spring Boho Fashion

14 Jan

Even though there is still frost on the ground sew chic boutique has spring in sight! For weeks I have been working hard on samples of clothing for spring and summer 2012. That’s right the shop will soon have maxi skirts made to fit most women, free size peasant dresses, and shirts with a dash of ethnic fabric sure to please! It’s been busy with making patterns, sewing garments, and adding hand dye finishes for a look that is totally sew chic boutique. So watch this space because there is something for small to plus size women coming to sew chic boutique!

To learn more about the author,  Boho-ista, and owner of sew chic boutique Cicely and see her creations visit her shop at

Finding Inspiration

20 May

Finding inspiration to create can be hard sometimes. You ask yourself where do I look? Maybe your busy all day and work at inside at your desk. So how do I get inspired? Simple use an inspiration board. This is nothing more than a simple collage on a board made up of images or small items glued to a board. You can put anything on your board. I like to put images from magazine, pictures I snap with my phone throughout the day, or anything I may like. So what if your completely stuck for any ideas? Then you need inspiration from other sources.

When I need inspiration from somewhere else I go online. There is great inspiration from places like Design Seeds. Design Seeds uses a picture is used as inspiration then creates a beautiful color pallet pulled out of colors from the picture ( Another place for inspiration is Pinterest. You can create your own collage board and/or see other users boards  ( You can see one of my boards here: Boho Chic and

Getting inspired doesn’t have to be hard work. Just find something that inspires you and let the creativity flow.