The Friday Find Serve it up Boho Style

15 Oct

The Friday Find Serve it up Boho Today The Friday Find is all about serving up our meals with Boho style. Let’s face it eating is a basic necessity but, the experience itself can be made beautiful. Having special pieces at your dining room table makes the visual presentation just as good as the food itself. Today we see what handmade can bring to our tables.


Turquoise Pottery Platter

My first handmade pick is a Turquoise Pottery Platter by Frankel Artworks. This platter feature and elegant lace pattern that has been imprinted in the clay. The texture on this platter is incredible and show the variegation of color in the glaze. It is food safe but, can also double as a decorative feature in your home. I am loving the uniqueness of this one of a kind piece which simply crazy Boho!


California Girl Hand-blown Drinking Glass





My next pick is the California Girl Hand-blown Drinking Glass by Gina Zetts. The glass has fabulous texture and color from being hand blown. Then the glass is lovingly sandblasted to add intricate design on the surface of the cup. All of these details make it a wonderful departure from your everyday drinking glass and turn an ordinary drink into a special moment.


Bocote Salt & Pepper Mill Set 10”

My last handmade selection is the Bocote Salt & Pepper Mill Set 10” by The Kings Woodshop. When I saw this set the exotic Bocote wood instantly stood out with the beautiful grain of the wood. The dramatic dark brown and black streaks and swirls give an earthy Bohemian flavor sure to whet the appetite at the table. The craftsmanship and style of this Salt & Pepper Mill set will ensure this becomes a treasured and well used item at your dining table.

Dining is a complete sensory experience that uses our sense of smell, touch, taste, and our sight to make it complete. Each of these handmade pieces not only give beautiful form but, great function as well allowing you to serve it up in style. Sometimes the addition of just one statement piece is really all you need. A touch of color, a bit of texture, or a special shape. When serving up Boho style keep these things in mind when you look to make your meals a little more special.

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