DIY Faux Fur Tie-on Shrug Tutorial

10 Oct

Today’s tutorial is a versatile little shrug that you can sew in less than 1 hour. This little shrug can be worn with jeans or a great party dress for an evening out. Purchased from the store this piece may run you $30 and up. You can purchase the faux fur from your local fabric store and make this piece for a steal.

Faux Fur Tie-on Shrug Instructions:  Beginner

Makes 1 Fur Tie-on Shrug (approximately 2”
around) or 5 cm

You will need:

½ yard of Faux Fur

½ 100% cotton fabric

7/8” grosgrain ribbon

Tailors measuring tape

Color pencil or tailors pencil



Matching Thread

  1. Gather all your materials (Fig 1.)
  2. Measure your body for the length of your shrug. Take your
    measuring tape and put it over both shoulders. With the tape in place measure
    from the bottom of your left rib cage to the bottom of your right rib cage.
  3. Write the length down and use this for the length of your pattern.
  4. Make pattern to size. (Fig. 2)
  5. Lay your faux fur out folded in half and place pattern on top. Cut one piece for top of shrug. Mark the location of the red dots on each layer with a pencil (Fig. 3)
  6. Repeat step 5 for the lining fabric. (Fig. 4)
  7. Pin the top and lining fabric together with right sides of the
    fabric facing each other. (Fig. 5)
  8. Using a straight stitch sew the side together leaving space
    between the red dots open for the ribbon. (Fig. 6)
  9. Turn inside out. (Fig. 7)
  10. Tuck the unfinished edges in 1” all the way around and press flat. (Fig. 8)
  11. Cut ribbon 2 pieces of ribbon measuring 20” at the most (you can adjust to your desired  length).
  12.  Place ribbon in the center of each opening in the shrug. Pin in place and slip stitch closed. (Fig. 9)
  13. Press the entire shrug with the lining side up. Smooth fur side and you’re done! Wrap the ruffle behind your neck and then under your armpits and tie around your back.

If you love this and any of the other tutorials please comment & feel free to share pictures of your finished creations which I will post on this blog!!

These tutorials are for personal use only and not for resale, or commercial distribution. To learn more about the author,  Boho-ista, and owner of sew chic boutique  Cicely and see her creations visit her shop at

2 Responses to “DIY Faux Fur Tie-on Shrug Tutorial”

  1. Mano y Metal October 11, 2011 at 3:30 am #

    oooh! so cool! 😀
    love it!

    Des, Mano y Metal

    • Cicely October 11, 2011 at 5:27 am #

      Des glad you like it! It was really fun to make!! -Cicely

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