The Friday Find Bohemian Chic Bride

30 Sep

Today’s Friday Find is all about the Bohemian Chic Bride. This bride would
be best described as unconventional, glamorous, and stylish. The only rules for
this bride is there are none. You’ll notice many of the accessories feature
feathers to add some unconventional style to spice up the bridal wardrobe. So
with extra attention to detail here are a few of my favorites picks for the
Bohemian Chic Bride.

X Large Peacock and Ostrich Feather Bridal Fan Bouquet

The first handmade pick is the Jenna – XLarge Peacock and Ostrich Feather
Bridal Fan Bouquet by Serendipity by Suzanne. This feathered bridal fan is a
fantastic alternative to the traditional flower bouquet. With your choice of
gorgeous colors to personalize your fan this piece has boho chic style to
spare. This fan can be worn with both traditional style and non-traditional
style wedding dresses to make any bride the talk of the wedding.

Clara--vintage inspired bridal feather headband

My next handmade pick is Clara–vintage inspired bridal feather headband by
judith lauren designs. This stunning headband is made from a solid white
Ostrich feathers. Sparkle is added to this piece by the rhinestones and pearls giving
this headpiece a romantic feeling. This headpiece has originality and a touch
of bohemian styling great for any wedding theme.

Ostrich Feather Shrug Jacket

For my final handmade selection here is the Ostrich Feather Shrug Jacket by
the wedding dresser. This shrug was featured at The Knot couture show.  This jacket is hand-stitched with a lush ostrich feathers on top of satin. Worn to the ceremony or reception you are  sure to wow your guests with your designer fashion. Great for the traditional and non-traditional bride this piece makes a fabulous statement that is purely Bohemian Chic.

Today was all about the Bohemian Bride and bringing pieces that bring this
style to life. Each handmade piece featured beautiful feathers which are
organic and naturally beautiful. Remember for the Bohemian Bride there are no
rules only what feels good. On that same note please do not combine all of these accessories together or else you will be at risk for being mistaken for a bird! So take a chance and have fun making your journey to married ever-after as much fun as you can stand.

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2 Responses to “The Friday Find Bohemian Chic Bride”

  1. Mano y Metal October 6, 2011 at 1:38 am #

    Hi! Found you on Handmadeology & am stopping by to show some blog follow love & am your newsest email subscriber 🙂 I hope you can stop by my blog: too! I love networking with fellow artists! 😀 Have a great week! Des.

    • Cicely October 7, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

      Hi Des! I love your work at Mano y Metal. I will definitely be subscribing and keeping up on the latest info!! Cicely

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