The Friday Find Bohemian Chic Bedroom

23 Sep

Today The Friday Find is all about items to achieve a Bohemian Chic look in
the bedroom. Bedrooms are often a neglected area in the home but, with careful
thought and attention it can be just as warm as the rest of the home. Here are
three of my favorite picks to wake your bedroom up out of the doldrums and infuse it with Bohemian style.

Upcycled Turquoise Candle Table Sconce

The first selection is a Upcycled Turquoise Candle Sconce by Eden Cove Treasures. This holder is made from black metal with a wood base. It has been lovingly upcycled with a beautiful and cool turquoise color. Perfect for adding color to any table in your bedroom or sitting room the light from the candle are sure to add a wonderful glow to any bedroom.

Handmade Twin size Boho Velvet and Satin Throw

The next selection is a handmade item for the bed. The Handmade Twin Size Boho Velvet and Satin Gypsy Throw is made by Bou Belina 2. This handmade throw uses richly textured fabrics like satin and velvet giving this throw rich texture. The colors of jewel tone purple, red, and plush black give this throw a rich Bohemian feel that will turn any bed into an instant retreat.

Lace Curtain Window Drape

The last handmade selection is a Lace Curtain 58” x 48” by Cottage Home Couture. This curtain panel is made from beautiful purple designer lace. Made to order this dreamy purple lace curtain will change the feeling of any bedroom. This touch of rich color with take your bedroom to another place and add instant Bohemian Chic.

So today we have seen some fabulous selections for adding color and Bohemian style from some of our wonderful handmade artisans. Remember Bohemian Chic has no hard rules just adding what makes your room feel good to you. If you are a person who needs some guidelines then remember use rich color, go for texture, and look for interesting shapes. Here’s to going from drab to Bohemian Chic in the bedroom.

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2 Responses to “The Friday Find Bohemian Chic Bedroom”

  1. michelle lukowiak September 24, 2011 at 1:15 am #

    wow, what fabulous friday finds!
    thank you for including my bohemian chic purple lace cafe curtain…

    • Cicely September 24, 2011 at 3:11 am #

      Your curtains are gorgeous Michelle! I am glad you liked this weeks Friday Finds!

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