Finding Inspiration

20 May

Finding inspiration to create can be hard sometimes. You ask yourself where do I look? Maybe your busy all day and work at inside at your desk. So how do I get inspired? Simple use an inspiration board. This is nothing more than a simple collage on a board made up of images or small items glued to a board. You can put anything on your board. I like to put images from magazine, pictures I snap with my phone throughout the day, or anything I may like. So what if your completely stuck for any ideas? Then you need inspiration from other sources.

When I need inspiration from somewhere else I go online. There is great inspiration from places like Design Seeds. Design Seeds uses a picture is used as inspiration then creates a beautiful color pallet pulled out of colors from the picture ( Another place for inspiration is Pinterest. You can create your own collage board and/or see other users boards  ( You can see one of my boards here: Boho Chic and

Getting inspired doesn’t have to be hard work. Just find something that inspires you and let the creativity flow.

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